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July 1, 2019by admin0

Endowed with many beautiful destinations and opportunities for marvellous things to do and enjoy, India is a tourist friendly country in every aspect. Whether it is pilgrimage, heritage, wildlife or adventure, there is no shortage of opportunities and options. Because of its varied topographical features, adventure tourism is one of the major highlights and striking characteristic of India. From the Himalayan mountains to spotting the “Royal Bengal Tiger” in its famed national parks and from its vast seashore that support numerous water sports to ancient caves, opt whichever activity you want to experience.

There is no limitation of best places for adventure activities in this South Asian beauty. Thanks to its varied landscape, climatic variation and rich biodiversity that altogether make it a dream destination for every thrill seeker. So, it is not difficult to decide where to plan adventure holidays in India; the only thing that is required is your DARING ATTITUDE!!


The rolling hills and meadows encircling the villages of Bir and Billing perfectly paint a diorama of pastoral idyll. But what captures your attention is the countless paragliders soaring on the thermals. This region of Himachal Pradesh is considered as one of the finest paragliding destinations in the world.


It is right to say that hot air balloon rides are new to Indian adventure tourism but still it is steadily becoming a craze among tourists, especially honeymooners and family vacationers. Get a bird’s eye view of sand dunes, small villages, and massive forts and palaces of Rajasthan with hot air balloon flights. Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Pushkar, Jaipur and Ranthambore National Park are the major points to enjoy these rides.


A very common name but very special! Yes, Rishikesh holds the distinction of being one of the top adventure destinations in India in every aspect. With rafting, cliff jumping, rock climbing, rappelling, camping and many more activities at its disposal, it is the only destination in India where hard-core fans of adventure can have the adrenaline rush of BUNGEE JUMPING.

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Top Destinations for Adventure in India

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